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Fire Rated Lift Landing Doors-FAQs

What are the precautions for installation of fire rated doors?
  1. The installation of fire rated doors should be in accordance with the type of fire rated doors used to take the appropriate installation method. 

  2. The door frame of the fire-proof door can be fixed by the expansion bolt and the wall body, and the iron pieces can be pre-buried at the entrance of the hole when the wall body is built, and the door frame connection pieces can be welded firmly when the door frame is installed. 

  3. No matter what connection method is adopted between door frame and wall, each side should not be less than 3 anchor points, and should be firmly connected.

  4. Installation of fire rated doors, should first find straight, hanging, size appropriate after its temporary fixed, and correction, adjustment, error-free rear can be connected anchorage. 5.It is required that the sliding door is flexible to push and pull after being installed; the open door is convenient to open and the close is tight and firm.

  5. The fire rated door must be installed on the door, the door to install sequence device.

  6. Fire rated door handle, fire lock and other hardware accessories, must be complete;

  7. Requirements and the ground plane gap should not be more than 5mm.

When to use the fire rated door of elevator?

According to the importance, height, building area and use nature of the building, the fire rated elevator shall be set according to the structural characteristics of the fire rated door of the elevator. In general, for high-rise buildings with a building height of more than 32 meters and elevators and high-rise warehouses with a building height of more than 32 meters, one fire rated elevator shall be set in each fire compartment; for class I buildings with a height of more than 24 meters, tower type residential buildings with 10 floors and more, unit type residential buildings with 12 floors and more, corridor type residential buildings, and class II high-rise public buildings with a building height of more than 32 meters, etc fire rated elevators shall be provided.

How to divide the fire rated door of elevator into fire resistance rating?

According to the requirements of GB / t27903-2011 fire resistance test for elevator landing door, the fire resistance rating is divided into a single technical grade: E30, E60, E90, E120 to meet the integrity performance index, I30, I60, I90, I120 to meet the insulation performance index, W30, W90, W120 to meet the heat flux technical index; if classified according to the mixed index, the integrity is met The requirements of thermal insulation performance index are divided into EI30, EI60, EI90, EI120, and the technical indexes of conformity and heat flux are divided into EW30, EW60, EW90 and EW120.

Is the door of the elevator fireproof?

Only elevators equipped with fire doors can prevent fire. The rest are not.

What are the features of fire rated doors?

Fire rated door is a kind of door which can meet the requirements of fire stability, integrity and heat insulation in a certain period of time. The utility model is a fireproof separator which is set in a fireproof partition, an evacuation stairwell, a vertical shaft, etc. . fire rated doors not only have the function of Potongmun, but also have the function of stopping the spread of fire and smoke. They can stop the spread of fire and ensure the evacuation of people in a certain period of time.

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