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Basic Knowledge: Classification of Elevator Door Systems


Mainly composed of car door and hall door.

The car door is the door installed on the car, while the hall door is located on the door opening of each floor, usually called the landing door.


2. Classification: appearance perspective


It can be mainly divided into asynchronous system and synchronous system.

Asynchronous system: when the elevator door opens, the car door  opens ahead of the hall door, and then drags the hall door to run together. Therefore, the appearance of the car door panel and the hall door panel are staggered for a certain distance.

Synchronous system: the car door panel and hall door panel are opened almost at the same time, and the left and right door panels are aligned visually.

The asynchronous and synchronous phenomena above mainly depend on the structure of the elevator door operator.


3. Principle of opening and closing the car door and hall door:


When the car door controller receives the door opening command from the master controller, the car door drags the hall door to realize the door opening action; on the contrary, when the car door controller receives the door closing command from the master controller, it realizes the door closing action.


4. Car door structure

It is mainly composed of the door motor device, door panel, safety device and car door sill installation.

Door motor device: it is the power source of the elevator door system, through which the hall door and car door can be opened and closed. The main parts of this device include motor, controller, deceleration,mechanism, transmission mechanism, guide mechanism, elevator door machine device, car door interlock switch, etc.


5. Landing door structure


Elevator landing door and car door are generally composed of door, guide rail frame, pulley, sliding block, door frame, sill and other components. The door is generally made of thin steel plate. In order to make the door have certain mechanical strength and rigidity, the back of the door is equipped with reinforcing rib. In order to reduce the noise generated during the door movement, the back of the door panel is coated with anti-vibration material. There are two kinds of door guide: steel flat and C-type edgefold guide; the door is connected with the guide rail through pulleys, and the lower part of the door is equipped with sliding block, which is inserted into the chute of sill; the sill used for guiding the lower part of the door is made of cast iron, aluminum or copper profiles, the cargo elevator generally uses cast iron sills, and the passenger elevator can use aluminum or copper sills.

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