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Can the Elevator Landing Door Be Collided?

For an elevator, its doors are divided into the landing door and the car door. As the name suggests, the landing door is the door on the side of the landing, that is, the door that we see as we stand outside the elevator when waiting for the elevator. The car door is inside the elevator, which is what we call the door on the side of the car.

Today we first talk about the elevator landing door. In daily life, the normal use of elevator landing doors is of course no problem. If the normally used elevator landing doors have not been impacted by external forces, in theory, they can continue to work until the elevator needs to be upgraded.

But the reality is often very complicated, especially for those residential buildings where the elevators are put into use and are still not being sold on the construction site, or residential buildings that are sold as rough. In the decoration process, when pushing things, you often touch the landing door and then realize the brakes. So in this case, is the elevator landing door reliable? How is the strength is the elevator landing door?

Take a look at the description of the strength of the elevator landing door in GB7588:

When the elevator landing door is in the locked position, all landing doors and their door locks should have such mechanical strength: a. With 300N static force acting perpendicularly to any position of the door leaf or door frame, and evenly distributed on the 5cm*cm round or square area, it should: (1) Permanent deformation is not more than 1mm; (2) Elastic deformation is not more than 15mm; (3) After the test, the safety function of the door is not affected. b. Use 1000N static when the force acts perpendicularly to any position on any surface of the door leaf or door frame and is evenly distributed on a 100cm*cm circular or square area, it shall: no obvious permanent deformation which affects function and safety.

Here you can see the mandatory requirements for the strength of landing doors. A force of 300N means 30kg. If a bag of rice is 10kg and three bags of rice are applied together on a square with a side length of 5cm, the landing door has not been affected.

If it is not deliberate destruction, the elevator landing door is still reliable in daily use. Try to imagine a situation where 3 bags of rice are pressed on top, the door has not come out yet, and it is pressed on one point.

There is also an impact requirement of 1000N. It can be said that the mechanical strength of the landing door can meet the requirements of daily use. Satisfaction does not mean that we can do whatever we want as passengers. For instance, there are some wrong practices: relying on elevator landing doors and other elevators, kicking landing doors, etc. are not allowed. We should wait outside, and quickly enter when the elevator arrives.

Take the elevator in a civilized way, just like we drive a car as usual. No matter how sturdy the front of your car is, no matter how good the airbag is, it won't hold you up against a tree at high speed. So is the elevator landing door. Civilized use should be kept in mind.

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