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Classification of Elevator Door Systems

The elevator door system can be divided into two types: the one installed at the hoistway entrance landing is the landing door, and the one installed at the car entrance is the car door. Floor doors and car doors can be divided into central doors, side doors, vertical sliding doors, hinged doors, etc. according to the structure. Split doors are mainly used in passenger elevators, side-opening doors are more commonly used in freight elevators and bed elevators, and vertical sliding doors are mainly used in sundries elevators and large car elevators. Hinged doors are seldom used in China, but are used more in foreign residential ladders. 

Elevator landing doors and car doors generally consist of doors, guide rail frames, pulleys, sliding blocks, door frames, sills and other components. The door is generally made of thin steel plate. In order to make the door have a certain mechanical strength and rigidity, a reinforcing rib is provided on the back of the door. In order to reduce the noise generated in the door movement, the back of the door panel is coated with anti-vibration material. 

There are two types of door rails: flat steel and C-shaped hemming rails; the door is connected to the rail through pulleys, and the lower part of the door is equipped with a sliding block, which is inserted into the chute of the sill; the sill for the lower guide of the door is made of cast iron and aluminum or made of copper profiles, freight elevators generally use cast iron sills, and passenger elevators can use aluminum or copper sills. The car and landing doors should be non-porous doors, and the net height should not be less than 2m. The outer surface of the automatic landing door should not have a concave or convex part thicker than 3mm. The edges of these recesses or protrusions should be chamfered in two directions. The landing doors equipped with door locks should have certain mechanical strength. In the opening direction of the horizontal sliding door, when 150N manpower (without tools) is applied to one of the most unfavorable points, the gap between the door leaves, bewteen the door leaf, the column and the door lintel shall not exceed 30mm. The width of the clear entrance of the landing door shall not exceed 0.05m on either side of the width of the clear entrance of the car.

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