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Commercial Elevator Door

Commercial Elevators

Most commercial elevators are equipped with elevator door machines and lift landing doors. The lift landing doors are made of thin metal plates, painted with different colors, or added with stainless steel shells according to customer needs. In its long development, Faweilai has always adhered to high-quality standards that distinguish Faweilai's commercial elevator lift systems from many common, mass-produced products on the market. As a professional lift doors manufacturer, Faweilai provides users with the greatest degree of customization. Of course, these commercial lifts doors, according to the design, comply with all current standards, such as CE certification and so on. We provide personalized solutions according to customer requirements and cooperate with a variety of installation solutions (such as car roof installation, front wall installation, straight beam installation).

Countless structural changes meet all customer needs, including special interface and special sill selection, or change each user environment and elevator position.

Quality Characteristics of Commercial Elevator Lift Systems

1. Configure permanent magnet synchronous motor to save more than 50% energy;

2. Overload capacity reaches 250%;

3. Standard integrated car door lock knife, no need to add gateball or hit bow;

4. The door machine does not need to be heightened, compatible with the existing installation;

5. Suitable for site reconstruction;

6. Optional mobile phone APP debugging and maintenance automatic warning system.

Commercial Elevator Door Construction

Clear door width (JJ) Clear door height (HH)

Side opening  two panel         JJ = 700 - 1500 mm  HH = 2000 - 3100 mm

Center opening  two panel       JJ= 600 - 1200 mm  HH = 2000 - 3100 mm

Center opening  four panel       JJ = 700 - 3000 mm  HH = 2000 - 3100 mm

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