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Composition of Lift Door Operator System

The lift door operator system is mainly composed of the following two parts.

1. Electronic control

1) Door drive motor: At present, there are several kinds of most common asynchronous motors, PN motors and servo motors.

2) Motor driver: Asynchronous motor and PN motor can be operated by directly connecting to the power supply without a motor driver. The servo motor must use a dedicated driver to run.

3) Door machine function control board: the asynchronous motor adopts the inverter control method, and the PN motor adopts the upgraded version of the inverter control method, which is universal. The servo motor adopts PMSM control system. Because it is dedicated, it is convenient to debug.

4) Encoder: Encoder is an accessory of safe positioning function of lift door operator system.

5) Limit switch: The limit switch is the safe position limit of the lift door operator when opening and closing the door. The limit switch and the encoder have complementary functions.

2. Mechanical structure

The parts of the mechanical structure are divided into: parts fixing plate, same department knife, door hanging plate group, guide rail, sheave, timing belt and driving wheel, various electronic control brackets and so on. The mechanical structure design is similar, because the accessories required for its function are the same. The most important thing is that when the lift door operator is running, the tension and weight generated will not cause the lift door operator and the mechanical structure to be abnormally deformed.

From the above data, we can see that the most important key components of the lift door operator system are the drive of the transmission motor and the function control system.

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