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Freight Elevator Door

The freight lift elevator is mainly used to carry goods, require high door performance, and can operate normally under heavy loads.

Faweilai cargo lift elevator door series is divided into side opening and 4 panels center opening.

4 panels center opening series are equipped with double hammers as standard, to ensure stable operation of the elevator door machine under heavy load.

Quality Characteristics of Freight Lift Elevator

1. Reinforced mechanical structure to ensure the normal operation of large loads;

2. Matching stable and reliable integrated car door lock knife;

3. Equipped with 5N.m permanent magnet synchronous motor, 250% overload capacity;

4. Equipped with a patented self-locking synchronous belt clip.

Freight Lift Elevator Door Construction 

Clear door width (JJ) Clear door height (HH)

Side opening door two panel         JJ = 700 - 1500 mm  HH = 2000 - 3100 mm

Center opening door four panel       JJ = 1200 - 3000 mm  HH = 2000 - 3100 mm

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