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General Introduction of the Elevator Fire Door

We know that high-rises or small high-rises are equipped with elevators, and the elevator control room is on the top of the elevator. There is a separate machine room on the rooftop and this is the elevator room. As a daily tool for residents to go upstairs or downstairs, the safety performance of it is of great importance. To prevent the chance of fire disasters in the elevator is an indispensable thing in our routine work. Each of the elevator control room exit is installed with an elevator fire door before the building is delivered by the developer. Generally speaking, most of the products configured by the current development unit can meet the requirements. However, there are still a small number of purchasers in reality whose installed products are not satisfactory and it might be caused by reasons concerning cost-saving factors, or wrong methods in the process of maintenance and replacement after being taken over by some properties.

Generally speaking, the elevator rooms are exposed to the open environment because they are all on the top of the building, so a careful consideration should be given to the selection of the door materials. Most of the users use steel fire-resistant doors, because its frame and panel are made of steel materials that have already been handled by anti-rust treatment, and surface spray treatment at high temperature. Compared with wooden fire-proof doors, the one made of steel is more suitable for use in the harsh outdoor environments. Besides, the steel fire-proof door also has a certain anti-theft performance, which consequently guarantees the safety of the elevator.

The elevator fire door should be of Class A quality that can be fire-resistant for 1.5 hours. Doors with fire-resistant viewing windows or doors that is up-lighting are not applicable here.

The constituent parts of the elevator fire door includes: the fire-proof landing door device, the fire-proof door panel, the fire-proof door cover, the fire-proof sill, etc. The common methods to open the door are center opening, side opening and bi-folding, middle opening and bi-folding, etc., among which the middle opening type is the most common one, with an opening width of 700~1100mm, and an opening height of 2000~2400mm. According to the general principles for landing doors specified in GB7588-2003: non-porous landing doors should be installed at the the entrance of the car hoistway. When the door is closed, the gap should be as small as possible between the door leaves or between the door leaf and the column, the lintel and the sill. This gap should not be over 6mm for passenger elevators and 8mm for cargo elevators. The gap value is allowed to reach 10mm only for abrasion reasons. If there are concave parts, the above gap should be measured from the bottom of the concave part. On the basis of the international standard, the elevator fire door not only possesses the properties of ordinary doors but plays an important part in preventing fires on each floor from spreading through the elevator shaft.

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