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High-speed Elevator Door

High speed Elevator

High-speed elevators are usually used in ultra-high buildings. When the elevator is moving up and down at high speed, the door system runs at high speed, and problems such as noise and door panels are often deformed. Therefore, elevator doors are required to adapt to high-floor civil construction, high efficiency and low noise. There are very high demands on the door system. Faweilai high-speed door operator is the manufacturer with the most cases in China. It uses a unique door panel, door cover, hanging plate connection and sealing structure, as well as one-control two-drive, dual-synchronous door knife technology, which effectively solves the problem of wind pressure, high efficiency and low noise.

Quality characteristics:

Advanced technology: dual-motor closed-loop vector control / synchronous belt drive

Safe and reliable: double door knife and double door lock, optional integrated car door lock synchronous door knife

Energy-saving and environmental protection: using rare earth permanent magnet motor technology and frequency conversion speed regulation technology

Strong drag force: dual motor drag, maximum load reaches 400kg

High adaptability: adapt to the influence of high-rise civil engineering errors, high-speed elevator shaking and wind pressure

Superior performance: stable, efficient, low noise, fast response

Door construction

Clear door width (JJ) Clear door height (HH)

Center opening  two panel       JJ= 800 - 1400 mm  HH = 2000 - 3100 mm

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