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Introduction of Elevator Parts and Basic Functions

The elevator is a complex set that contains a number of elevator parts and functions.

The main components of the elevator are: safety protection device, emergency rescue device, hoistway safety door and trap door, driving host, car, landing door and car door, electrical control device, etc. The elevator traction machine is the core component.


The elevator traction machine is the power equipment of the elevator, also known as the elevator host. The function is to transport and transfer power to make the elevator run. It is composed of electric motor, brake, coupling, reduction box, traction wheel, frame and guide wheel, and accessory disc car hand wheel.


The three major parts of the elevator (core components): the host, the door machine, and the control drive system.


1. Host: a good host is energy-saving, with low noise, long life, and basically no maintenance

2. Door machine: it affects the effect of elevator door opening and closing, which is our most direct experience. The door opens quickly, stably, without impact and low noise.

3. Control drive system: the core part of the elevator, the elevator ride comfort, the elevator runs safely.


The most critical components to protect elevator safety:

1. Wire rope

2. Speed limiter

3. Buffer

4. Safety gear


Four large spaces: 

machine room part, shaft and pit part, car part, landing part.


Eight systems: 

Traction system, guidance system, car, door system, weight balance system, electric drive system, electric control system, safety protection system.


Eight major application technologies:

1) Full digital passenger recognition technology

2) Digital intelligent safety control technology

3) The fourth generation machine room-less elevator technology

4) Two-way safety protection technology

5) Quick installation technology

6) Energy-saving technology

7) Digital monitoring technology

8) Wireless remote control and alarm device

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