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Introduction of Home Elevator Installation Processes

Now more and more people will consider installing a home elevator when decorating and designing their villas. However, there is still a big difference between elevators and additional or finished furniture, because from the initial design to the later installation and commissioning, a series of processes are required. What are the processes?

The first step: After determining the need to install the residential home elevators, choose a regular home elevator manufacturer to conduct on-site measurement. This step is more critical. You must determine the elevator installation location and elevator size according to your needs, and then choose the one that suits your actual situation in all the design plans.

Step 2: After the plan is determined, some pre-installation work needs to be done, such as elevator leads, determining the location of the elevator control cabinet, reserving power cords and telephone lines. If there is no elevator hoistway, an elevator hoistway needs to be built. If there is an unsuitable part of the elevator hoistway, the elevator needs to be rectified. After the on-site work is completed, the residential home elevator can be produced without any problems, and the installation will start after the production is completed.

Step 3: Arrange the time for elevator installation reasonably according to the renovation progress. Generally, for newly renovated houses, the time will be controlled in the middle and late stages of the decoration. After the residential home elevator arrives, the elevator installer picks up the goods and puts the home elevator parts separately. The electrical components need to be waterproof and moisture-proof, and then start on-site installation and commissioning elevator.

After the home elevator is installed and debugged, the owner needs to make a trial ride. If it is not satisfied, the installer can make corrections. In addition, the elevator hoistway and the unbuckled positions need to be blocked. Make the door and the door stone according to your own preferences. The elevator is locked in this step. The manufacturer usually cuts off the power supply. The elevator door panels and the car are protected with protection.

Step 4: After the overall decoration is completed and before the formal move-in, contact the home elevator manufacturer to open the elevator, and remove the elevator door panels and the protective film of the car. After checking the elevator in detail, there is no problem, it can be used normally.

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