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Notes for the Use of the Freight Lift

1. The freight lift is a kind of cargo lifting equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to take people;

2. Related items should be used by qualified personnel who have been trained, especially triangular keys, electric lock keys, machine room and control cabinet keys should be kept by profesional personnel;

3. Adequate lighting should be provided in the machine room and at the entrance of each hall;

4. The freight lift machine room, hall entrance, car box, and pit should be kept dry without water accumulation;

5. The freight elevator hall, hall door and cover should be cleaned regularly, otherwise corrosion may occur;

6. All power supplies related to the elevator should be cut off before cleaning;

7. Prevent water or foreign matter from entering the elevator shaft during the cleaning process;

8. The slideway of the hall door should be cleaned frequently and make sure no foreign matter;

9. The elevator should be inspected before daily operation to ensure that there is no peculiar smell or abnormal sound;

10. After stopping the freight lift elevator, stop the car to the lower station or base station;

11. When the elevator fails, it should be stopped immediately and repaired by professional maintenance personnel in time;

12. Do not short-circuit any link of the safety circuit; check whether the hall door is closed before using the elevator, and do not open the door to call the elevator or open the hall door when the elevator is running;

13. When the freight lift does not leave this floor, it is invalid to try to select this floor again;

14. You must open and close the hall door lightly to prevent the door rope from going out of the groove or damaging the door safety switch;

15. The elevator buttons should avoid oil loss to prevent the button adhesion from affecting the elevator use; (Note: This article is for the call box controlled by the traditional mechanical button; in fact, most freight elevators are used in a messy and oily environment, which inevitably leads to a high failure maintenance rate of the call box)

16. Do not knock any parts of the freight elevator;

17. The action should be light when opening and closing the halls and car doors of freight elevators;

18. The sundries car must not be overloaded with the specified load. When loading items, load and unload with care;

19. When items enter the freight elevator car, ensure that the hall door is fully opened to prevent the hall door from being deformed or damaged;

20. Before loading and unloading items, first determine whether the freight lift is correctly parked on this floor, and fully open the hall door and car door to avoid collision;

21. When loading sundries, the items should be completely placed in the car, placed in the center, and no strong impact is allowed to prevent damage to the items or equipment;

22. The red emergency stop button of the call box on each floor cannot be pressed casually, which can only be used in emergency situations;

23. After the elevator is used, the hall door should be closed in time to avoid affecting the use of other floors.

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