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Faweilai Elevator Door Operator

Faweilai Elevator Door Operator

If the Traction is the brain of the elevator, the lift door operator is the heart of the elevator. The elevator door operator is the assembly that ensures the elevator door opening and elevator door closing mechanism work. The electrical part includes the elevator door motor, motor speed control device, position switch or encoder; the mechanical part includes the door rail, hanging board, door leaf linkage, etc. The door protection system has a light curtain and safety touch panel.

We found that the ordinary elevator door operator on the market has the problems of the long opening of closing times and loud opening noises. In order to solve this problem, Faweilai insists on the independent development of inverters and motors and uses rare earth permanent magnet synchronous technology to make the door operator run more efficiently, reduce noise and reduce door opening time.

At the same time, due to technology upgrades, the motor is much smaller and saves door operator space. Therefore, the price is cheaper and the cost performance is higher. The AC PM door operator will be the trend in the future.

Advantages of Faweilai Elevator Door Operator

Advanced technology
Dual-motor closed-loop vector control / synchronous belt drive
Safe and reliable
Double door knife and double door lock, optional integrated car door lock synchronous door knife
Energy saving
Using rare earth permanent magnet motor technology and variable frequency speed regulation technology
Strong drag force
Dual motor drag, the maximum load reaches 400kg
High adaptability
Adapt to high-rise civil construction errors, high-speed elevator sway and wind pressure
Superior performance
Smooth, efficient, low noise, fast response

Opening hours

Closing hours

Door opening distance

Average noise





















Faweilai Elevator Door Operator List

According to the different requirements, there are three series of center opening, side opening, and 4 panels center opening elevator door operator, which have reasonable design, fine production, simple and convenient installation and debugging, and provide multiple choices for complete set and renovation of the old building.

Elevator Door Operator-FAQs

  • What is the connection between the elevator door machine and the door operator controller?

    Elevator door operator refers to a system, including door motor, door operator inverter (or door operator board), door knife, door wheel, belt, etc. The elevator door motor is generally referred to as the door operator. The door machine controller is a device that controls the working state of the elevator door operator motor. It controls the forward or reverses rotation of the motor, including the speed of rotation, according to external commands. The connection between the elevator door operator and door operator control generally includes encoder, power line, and some protection circuits.

  • What does an elevator door operator do? 

    The elevator door operator is a mechanism responsible for opening and closing the elevator car door. When it receives the elevator opening and closing signals, the elevator door machine controls the door opening motor through its own control system, which converts the torque generated by the motor into a specific direction Force to close or open the door. When the blocking force is greater than 150N, the door operator automatically stops closing the door and opens the door in the opposite direction, which plays a certain role in closing protection.

  • What is Closed loop elevator door operator technology?

    Specifically, the vector control of the motor of the elevator door operator is actually to strictly control the output torque of the motor. The parameters obtained in advance to control the motor will not cause the accident of the door operator to pinch the person. Reverse is switched from off to on. Closed-loop vector control is to feedback the closed current of the test to the control system at any time, and the system determines the execution program according to the test parameters.

  • Why does the elevator door operator not work?

    The inspection method should start with the power supply voltage, check whether the power supply voltage is normal, open the elevator maintenance to half-floor, open the landing door, simulate the input opening and closing signals, and observe whether the door operator moves. There are fault codes or parameter settings for errors. Generally, the door operator needs to modify fewer parameters. If the door operator can operate, it means that the control signal for the door opening and closing of the mainboard has not arrived. Check if there are any factors that affect door opening and closing. Common door opening and closing failures include driver status, overload status, fire status, and light curtain signal loss.

  • What are the elevator door operator installation requirements?
    • The door operator is installed in the correct position and connected securely. 

    • The door operator switch is flexible without impact. The electric shock is adjusted in place. 

    • The door operator is clean and free of debris. The door operator cover is installed in place.

    • The door operator wiring is correct and the direction is reasonable and beautiful.

  • What is the safety design of the elevator door operator?

    1. Light curtain: relying on infrared induction, the principle of induction is to block the door with a transmitter on one side and a receiver on the other. A protective net is formed in the switching area of the door, and the door will be automatically reopened.

    2. Safety touch panel: is a mechanical switch. When the door is closed, the touch panel will expand and contract according to the door closing position. When there is a foreign object or a person covering it, when the touch panel is compressed to a certain level (about 3-5 cm), the switch will stop.

    3. Door operator program: the program that comes with the door machine controller, when the door closing force is greater than N Newton, the door closing signal has not been input, and the door will be automatically reopened.

  • How to choose an elevator door operator supplier?

    Quality, delivery, cost, technology, flexibility, financial management and operations, sustainability, service -- these 8 items constitute the eight cores of the door operator supplier selection criteria.

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