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Faweilai Landing Door Device

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The elevator landing door device is the door that people see outside the elevator, also called the elevator header. Lift landing doors are generally composed of doors, rail racks, pulleys, sliders, door frames, sills, and other elevator landing door mechanism.

The opening and closing of the elevator landing door device are realized by the door-opening blades installed on the car doors. Each landing door device is equipped with a door lock. After the landing door is closed, the mechanical lock hook of the lift door locking device is inserted. At the same time, the landing door and the elevator landing door of the car have a fireproof effect in the building, which is used to divide the fireproof zone. The car door safety switch can ensure that the door cannot be closed in place or the elevator cannot run normally without being locked.

The main feature of Faweilai lift landing door is robustness and safety. The landing door device has passed the one million door opening tests on the basis of four times the maximum load door panel and keeps the parts from being damaged and obtained CE certification.

The door panel is equipped with stiffeners and passed the national standard pendulum test without deformation and damage. The reopening force is ≤140N, which guarantees the safety of the landing door device.

Features of Landing Door Device:

1. The lift landing door and the door operator run separately.

2. There are three versions for mid-point, side-open, and mid-point double-fold.

3. Sturdy door panel, double-walled door with internal ribs.

4. As a standard landing door device: the impact of the hanging pendulum (45 kgs total mass) can safely maintain the integrity of the landing door.

5. Sturdy solid steel and stainless steel sill can bear the maximum rated load.

6. The elevator landing door mechanism is driven by a chain instead of a rope.

7. The door opens automatically when it encounters resistance to minimize the risk of injury to service personnel.

Landing Door Device List

Landing Door Device-FAQs

  • What are the requirements of the landing door device?

    The landing door should be a non-porous door with a clear height not less than 2m. After the landing door is closed, the gap between the door leaf and between the door leaf and the column, door lintel and sill should be as small as possible, the passenger elevator should be 1-6mm, and the cargo elevator should be 1-8mm. In order to avoid the danger of shearing during operation, the outer surface of the automatic landing door should not have a concave or convex portion larger than 3mm. (Except triangle unlocking). The edges of these concave or convex portions should be chamfered in both directions. Landing doors equipped with door locks shall have certain mechanical strength. In the opening direction of the horizontal sliding door, when the force of 150N (without tools) is applied to one of the most unfavorable points, the gap between the door leaf and between the door leaf and the pillar and lintel shall not be greater than 30mm. The net entrance width of the landing door shall not exceed 0.05m on any side than the net entrance width of the car. (Except where appropriate measures are taken)

  • What is included in the installation of elevator floor door components?

    Elevator landing door device installation component content:

    • It has mutually perpendicular wall mounting planes

    • Adjust the flat wall connector

    • The fastening connection piece is formed by connecting the landing door hooking pieces which are matched with the adjustment matching surface provided with a slot and the degree adjustment plane.

    • On the wall installation plane and adjustment plane of the wall connector, there are connection slots for configuring the fastening connector and the longitudinal directions are perpendicular to each other

    • The length of the slot on the adjustment mating surface of the landing door hook and the connecting slot on the adjustment plane connected to each other are also perpendicular to each other, and there is one slot in the two rights The direction should be perpendicular to the wall mounting plane.

  • How the elevator door lock works?

    It is locked by the lock hook, and the auxiliary door lock is equipped with a copy appliance switch to verify whether the door lock is locked. When the elevator is leveling, the car door knife is in contact with the landing door ball. The car door motor drives the door knife. The door knife drives the landing door ball to move up and lifts the lock hook to realize the landing door unlocking.

    The landing door is also equipped with an emergency unlocking device. When the elevator does not know that the landing needs to open the landing door, the door lock is twisted by the triangle key to lift the lock hook to unlock the real floor door.

  • What are the performance requirements for landing door locks?

    The landing door lock is a special door electric lock which is composed of two parts: mechanical interlock and electrical interlock contact. When the mechanical locks of the door electric locks on all landing doors on the elevator are locked, the electrical contacts can be connected at this time, and the elevator can be started; if there is a door on the landing door, the electric lock is not locked and the elevator is connected. Unable to move. And after the car leaves a certain floor, except for the door with a special key to unlock and open the door, the door cannot be opened by hand. This is a very important way to install the elevator in safe operation.

  • What is the standard of elevator landing door device?

    1. The entrance to the car of the debris ladder should be provided with a non-porous landing door. After the landing door is closed, the gap between the door leaf, the door leaf, the pillar, the door lintel, or the sill should be as small as possible, and they are not greater than 6mm. With wear during use, these gaps will become larger and larger, but the final gap should not be greater than 10mm.

    2. The landing door and its frame should not be deformed under normal opening and closing. When the door is locked, apply a force of 300N to any position of the door leaf vertically, and the force is evenly distributed on the round or square area of 5cm2. The door leaf should have no permanent deformation or its elastic deformation is not greater than 15mm. After the test, the door Can still operate normally.

    3. Each landing door should provide electrical and mechanical safety interlocks. If a landing door is open, the elevator should not start, or stop the running electric elevator. The elevator should not open the landing door during normal operation unless the car is in the unlocking area. The unlocking area should not exceed 75mm above and below the level of the landing. The locking elements of landing door locks shall be at least 5mm engaged. At least the emergency unlocking device that can be automatically reset is installed on the landing door of the end station.

    4. The top and bottom of the horizontal sliding landing door and both sides of the vertical sliding landing door should be equipped with guiding devices, and ensure that the landing door does not derail, jam or misplace during the operation of the terminal during its normal movement. The door leaf of the vertical sliding landing door shall be fixed on two independent hanging parts.

    5. Each floor entrance should be equipped with a sill. The horizontal distance between the landing door sill and the car door sill should be no more than 25mm.

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