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Reasons and Measures for Failure of Elevator Door System

In elevator accidents, there are relatively many accidents caused by elevator door failures. The elevator door system failure affects the normal operation of the elevator and may even threaten the safety of life. The following are the possible causes and troubleshooting methods of elevator door system failures.

1. The door is not closed, but the elevator can start by selecting the floor

Maintenance and troubleshooting methods:

①The door lock relay JMS has jamming and often sucks, remove and replace the relay JMS;

②The KMT contact of the elevator door lock switch is stuck (the door lock of the micro switch), remove or replace the door lock.

2. The elevator stops suddenly while driving

Maintenance and troubleshooting methods:

The door knife collides with the door wheel to disengage the lock arm, the door lock switch KMT is disconnected, the door lock relay JMS loses power, the elevator stops immediately, and the position of the door lock roller and door knife is adjusted.

3. The door leaf vibrates greatly when opening and closing the door

Maintenance and troubleshooting methods:

①The door pulley is severely worn, replace the door pulley;

②The door guide rail is deformed or loose and skewed, correct the door guide rail, adjust and tighten the guide rail;

③ The chute in the sill has too much dust or debris, which hinders the sliding of the door, the chute should be cleaned;

④The two rollers of the door lock are not in close contact with the door knife, and the gap is large. Adjust the door lock.

Finally, Faweilai advises everyone, if the elevator door system fails and is trapped in the elevator, don't panic. Even if the door is open, don't go out without authorization. Use your mobile phone to find the signal and call the property. After the professionals arrive, confirm the safety. When you come out, the elevator door is opened. First, check whether the elevator has reached the floor and stop running before entering the elevator. Don't be anxious!

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