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Residential Elevator Door

Home  Lift

Faweilai residential elevator parts series are divided into two categories: hand-pull and automatic home elevator doors.

The structure of the hand-pull door is similar to the door commonly used in our home, equipped with a lift door locking device, which is beautiful in appearance and takes safety into account. A variety of door handles and door frames are available in a variety of colors to highlight family tastes.

Home  Lift

For the automatic door series, Faweilai has optimized the product structure to reduce the volume without affecting the operation of the elevator door machine. Maximum use of construction space, adaptable villa and duplex, simple structure.

Faweilai custom-developed the 24v elevator door system for ThyssenKrupp to suit the 24v voltage environment in the home.

Quality Characteristics of Residential Elevator Parts

1. Configure permanent magnet synchronous motor to save more than 50% energy

2. Standard integrated car door lock knife, no need to add gateball or hit bow

3. The door machine does not need to be heightened, compatible with the existing installation

4. High civil construction utilization rate, save space

5. Optional mobile phone APP debugging and automatic maintenance warning system

Door construction of Residential Elevator Parts

Clear door width (JJ) Clear door height (HH)

Side opening door two panel         JJ = 600 - 1500 mm  HH = 2000 - 3100 mm

Center opening door two panel       JJ= 600 - 1200 mm  HH = 2000 - 3100 mm

Center opening door four panel       JJ = 700 - 1200 mm  HH = 2000 - 3100 mm

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