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Safety Circuit Switches for Elevator Accessories

Let us take a look at all the switches of the safety circuit of elevator spare parts.

  • Speed limiter switch of elevator parts (including rope break switch of the speed limiter )

When the speed of the elevator exceeds a certain value of the rated speed (at least equal to 115% of the rated speed), its action can cause the safety gear to work as a safety device.

  • Elevator spare parts: overhaul switch

It is divided into control cabinet maintenance switch, car maintenance switch and car top maintenance switch. The three maintenance switches of elevator spare parts are interlocked to avoid the reckless operation and ensure the safety of maintenance personnel.

  • Elevator spare parts: bottom pit buffer switch

The equipment is located at the bottom of the shaft and is set at the limit position of the bottom of the stroke of the car and the counterweight. The elevator does not operate normally until the buffer acts and returns to its normal extended position (a kind of elastic buffer safety device used to absorb the kinetic energy of the car and the counterweight). It is the switch gear selected to check the normal reset of the buffer.

  • Elevator spare parts: upper and lower limit interlock switch

It is a non-active reset safety equipment that is forced to cut off the main power supply and controls the power supply when the car runs beyond the leveling magnetic induction equipment before the car or counterweight equipment touch the buffer. The device is set to work when it is as close to the end station as possible. It should work before the car or counterweight (if any) touches the buffer, and maintain its action while the buffer is being tightened. For forced-driven elevators, the function of the limit switch of the elevator spare parts is to directly cut off the power supply circuit between the motor and the brake. After the limit switch is actuated, the elevator cannot automatically resume operation.

  • Elevator spare parts: safety gear switch

Check whether the speed limiter is active. If the speed limiter is activated, the safety gear switch, as a mechanical safety device, can make the car or counterweight stop running, stay at a standstill, and clamp them on the guide rail.

  • Elevator spare parts: safety window switch

It means that the safety window of the car is equipped with a safety device that is manually locked. If the lock fails, the device can stop the elevator. Only after re-locking, the elevator will resume operation. View more details about lift landing door sill.

  • Elevator spare parts: interlock switch of hall door and car door

It is an electromechanical interlocking safety device: the car runs when the hall door and car door are locked after being closed, and are connected together with the control circuit. The interlock switch of hall door and car door is used to lock the hall doors of other landings when the car is parked at a certain landing. Once the elevator is opened, the elevator will not operate normally.

  • Elevator spare parts: panel handwheel switch (optional)

When the elevator breaks down and the car stops between two landings, cut off the panel handwheel switch, loosen the safety gear, and roll the panel handwheel to make the car reach the nearest landing.

  • Elevator spare parts: overspeed protection switch (optional)

It can detect the speed of the upward car that is out of control, and can stop the car, or at least reduce its speed to the planned scale of the counterweight buffer.

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