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Structure and Fault Analysis of Elevator Landing Door System

The elevator landing door is the door you see when you take the elevator. Its main structure includes guide rail frames, sliding blocks, pulleys, sills, door frames, doors, and so on. The elevator landing door is an important part of the elevator, and its operation also affects the overall operating quality of the elevator. The opening and closing of the elevator landing door is carried out by using the door opening blade in the elevator car door, which directly affects the operation of the elevator. The closing of each elevator landing door and car door should be verified by an electrical safety device. If the sliding door is composed of several indirect mechanically connected door leaves, an electrical safety device should also be installed on the door leaf that is not locked to verify it. Closed state. The main structures used for closing the elevator landing doors are controllers, driving devices, door entrance protection devices, door mechanical devices, door locks and door limit switches.

Faults often occur in the electrical system of elevator landing doors, which may occur in all links and departments. The common problem is that the door cannot be opened and closed normally, the passengers are trapped in the elevator, the button is out of order, the elevator starts automatically without the door closed, or it stops suddenly during operation, or goes up or down. Once these situations happen, they will bring great panic to passengers' psychology, and even endanger their lives. The main reason for these failures is that timely inspections and repairs are not in place and the related inspections are not detailed.

The main faulty parts of the elevator landing door are the ground connection of the equipment room, the speed limiter, the elevator switch and the door interlock structure. If the ground connection of the equipment room is unscientific, it will easily cause accidents and threaten life safety. It is more common that when the elevator is installed, the line connection of the power supply system is not handled properly. At this time, it is necessary to check in time, pay more attention to details, and improve the safety of elevator use. When the elevator stops running after the end of the operation, the overspeed governor will be missing. If no warning signal is given, the operation of the car cannot be restricted and controlled, and the elevator will top up and fall, causing major safety accidents. Elevator switches require the cooperation of hardware and software, and their frequency of use is high, and the possibility of damage is high. If there is a failure in the selection of its quality, specifications and manufacturer, it will directly affect the startup of the elevator. And shut down, abnormal response occurs during its operation. The door interlock controls the opening of the elevator door, which will automatically open the landing door when it reaches the floor. If there is a failure, the door will open abnormally, such as the door cannot be opened, which will seriously endanger the life of passengers.

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