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Summary of Common Problems of Home Elevator

As a kind of consumable, the demand for home elevators is not small at present. How much does it cost to install a home elevator? Regarding the specific home elevator price, you can check some data on the home elevator installation fee table. For people with different needs, the cost of installing and choosing home elevators is not small.

Below we will give you an introduction on the cost of residential home elevators in the form of a question and answer.

1. Question: I want to buy a home elevator. What are the costs to purchase the entire elevator?

Answer: Hello, sir/madam. The cost for a private family to purchase an elevator includes elevator equipment fee, elevator civil construction fee, home elevator installation fee, elevator maintenance fee.

2. Question: How much is the equipment cost of the home elevators you sell?

Answer: The quality of home elevators is different. There are three grades: high, medium and low. Different grades have different prices. Different grades of home elevators have many differences in drive systems, materials, craftsmanship, performance, comfort, environmental protection, durability of components, and sense of quality. The current economical home elevators need to be around 100,000 yuan, while the more comfortable ones are around 160,000 yuan, and the high-end ones are more than 200,000 yuan. You can choose the one that suits your home according to your own economic strength.

3. Question: What is the civil construction fee for home elevators?

Answer: The civil construction costs of home elevators mainly include the costs of hoistway construction and pit excavation. The amount of this cost is directly related to the type of elevator drive and whether the product comes with an integrated hoistway. Take the hydraulic type and the traction type for example. Usually it is necessary to build a hoistway and dig a bottom pit. Now there is an integrated hoistway, which can reduce the cost of digging the hoistway, but if there is no one, you need to dig it. There are also imported screw-type elevators, which are quite advanced in technology and have their own shafts without digging.

4. Question: What kinds of home elevators are there?

Answer: There are 3 types of elevators for you to choose hydraulic home elevators, traction machine-room-less villa elevators, traction strong drive non-counterweight elevators, and these elevators are not divided by drive, but are divided according to the characteristics of each type of elevator. It's easy to remember its advantages when you hear it.

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