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Technical Requirements for Elevator Door System

What are the technical requirements for elevator door systems? 

1. The deviation of the horizontal distance between the elevator landing door sill and the car sill is 0~3mm, and the maximum distance must not exceed 35mm.

2. The forced closing device of the elevator landing door must operate normally.

3. After the power-operated horizontal sliding door closes 1/3 of the stroke, the force preventing the door from closing is strictly prohibited to exceed 150N.

4. The landing door lock hook must be flexible. Before the operation of the locked electrical safety device is confirmed, the minimum engagement length of the locking element is 7mm.

5. The gap between the door knife and the landing door sill, the door lock roller and the car sill should not be less than 5mm.

6. The level of the floor sill should not be greater than 2/1000, and the sill should be 2~5mm higher than the decoration ground.

7. The landing door indicator box, call box and fire switch box should be installed correctly, and the panel should be close to the wall, and be upright horizontally and vertically.

8. The gap between the door leaf and the door leaf, the door leaf and the door cover, the door leaf and the door lintel, the door leaf and the car wall at the doorway, the lower end of the door leaf and the sill, passengers should not be greater than 6mm.

Based on the above, we can know the technical requirements of the elevator door system.

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