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The Advantages of Double-door Elevator

The elevator door is a very important part of the elevator. The door that can be seen from the outside of the elevator and is fixed on each floor is called the hall door, and the door that is seen from the inside and fixed to the car and moves with the car is called the car door. The opening and closing of the elevator door is generally driven by the car door to open and close the hall door. Its stability, rationality and safety are the key factors that determine the elevator grade.


The double door elevator, as its name implies, is that the elevator has doors in two directions, namely the front door and the rear door (or the main door and the secondary door), which is to change the original single-door elevator car's rear wall into the car door. The double-door function can provide customers with the control function of two-way elevator door opening. According to customer requirements, only the front door can open and close, only the rear door can open and close, or the main and auxiliary doors can open and close at the same time.


The double-door elevator allows the owner to take the elevator directly to the target floor, and automatically choose the left door to enter the elevator or the right door to enter the elevator according to the authorization of the IC card. After stepping out the elevator, they enter their private space, as if the elevator is designed for one person. Family members and friends' visit no longer disturbs the neighbors on the opposite side, and the security and privacy are significantly enhanced. To ensure a high utilization rate, the traditional elevator room has a large apportioned area, which reduces the actual use area.


The advantage of the double-door elevator is that although the elevator hall is included in the shared area, the owner can have the absolute right to use it. The public area that was originally the elevator hall or aisle becomes a private space. The owner can also decorate the elevator hall according to his overall decoration style after moving in.

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