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The Advantages of Synchronous Permanent Magnet Motor over Traditional Motor

1. Introduction of elevator door machine

The elevator door system is composed of door machine system, car door, hall doors on each floor, link and safety protection device. The elevator door machine is installed on the car to control the opening and closing of the car door. When the elevator car reaches any landing point, the door knife and other mechanisms can ensure that the car door is linked with the current landing door.

The motors in traditional door drive devices generally use DC motors, asynchronous motors, brushless DC motors, etc. Since the rated speed of these motors is much higher than the opening and closing speed of the elevator door, it is necessary to install a deceleration mechanism to reduce the speed. In the process of opening and closing the door, these gears or worm reduction components inevitably produce mechanical friction, noise and other problems, which affect the noise, reliability and service life of the entire system. With the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for elevator noise and comfort, and the noise and reliability of elevator door machines need to be improved.

2. What are synchronous permanent magnet motors?

Synchronous permanent magnet motors do not require mechanical deceleration mechanisms and have no friction and other problems. Using it to control elevator doors can reduce the failure rate of the system and extend the replacement of the door machine system. The controller used in the door machine system controls the synchronous permanent magnet motor through the position sensor installed on the motor, so that a stable electromagnetic torque can be generated. Not only that, the controller also uses the position sensor signal on the motor to determine the elevator door position and speed, thereby driving the elevator door to open or close according to the preset smooth speed adjustment curve.

Synchronous permanent magnet motors are convenient for speed adjustment and have a large speed adjustment range; torque ripple is small, stable operation, low noise and high efficiency. Because the motor can run under very low variables, it is not necessary to install a deceleration mechanism when used in the door machine system, with low mechanical friction and low noise. It can be used to control the elevator door and the volume of the transmission parts can be exchanged, reducing the system failure rate.

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