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The Composition and Characteristics of Elevator Fire Doors

This article analyzes the composition and characteristics of elevator fire doors for everyone, and here is the following detailed analysis:

1. Composition of elevator fire doors

The elevator door is an important part of the elevator entrance and exit, which can avoid accidents of people falling into the hoistway while waiting for the elevator, and at the same time protect the people in the elevator car from colliding with the hoistway. Elevator doors include door openers, elevator doors, hall doors, door cover devices, and elevator fire doors are composed of fire floor door devices, fire door covers, fire door panels, and fire sills.

The main door opening methods of elevator fire doors include center split type, center split double fold and side split double fold. Among them, the center split type is common, the door opening height is 2000-2400mm, and the door opening width is 700-1100mm. According to the regulations on elevator landing doors in the relevant codes, the landing doors entering the elevator car should be non-porous landing doors. After the doors are closed, the gaps between the door leaves, between the door leaves and the columns, between the door lintel and the sill should be as large as possible small. In operation, the clearance of passenger elevators should be less than 6mm, and that of freight elevators should be less than 8mm. Because the elevators will wear out during operation, the clearance value is allowed to reach 10mm.

2. Features  of elevator fire doors

In addition to the functions of ordinary elevator doors, elevator fire doors are also important to prevent flames from spreading through the elevator shaft.

When a fire occurs in a building equipped with an elevator, the surface of the elevator hall door needs to withstand a temperature of more than 1000℃. Under such high temperature damage, the ordinary elevator door usually has the following 3 situations:

One is that the high temperature is severely deformed, so that there is a gap between the two doors, and passengers are likely to fall into the hoistway during the escape;

The second is that the door panel cannot withstand the high temperature, and passengers can open it in the elevator car, fall into the shaft and cause damage, or the hall door collapses directly;

Third, the elevator door lost its sealing effect due to severe deformation, causing the fire to spread to other floors along the hoistway. The heat insulation type fire door produced by the fire door manufacturer, take the fire door with the fire resistance grade of EI60 as an example, it can meet the requirements of fire integrity and heat insulation within 60 minutes, and it is also 1000℃ high temperature, heat insulation type The characteristics and functions of fire doors are different from ordinary doors:

One is that only slight deformation occurs at the door seam, which can beneficially prevent the spread of fire and prevent the spread of smoke;

The second is that the average temperature rise on the back side of the heat-insulating fire door will be controlled below 140℃, and heat will be transferred to the hoistway to prevent the loss of personnel due to the high temperature in the elevator car;

Third, the back fire surface of the heat-insulating fire door will not have flames that burn for 10s or more, which can effectively prevent the fire from spreading to other floors through the elevator.

The above-mentioned features can well protect passengers, prevent the spread of fire and smoke, and provide assistance for evacuation.

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