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The Structure of Elevator Door Machine System

The development of elevator system is mainly embodied in three aspects: elevator drag system, elevator control system, and traction machine system. The functions of each part are as follows:

1. The drag system of the elevator door machine system

The function of the elevator drive system is to provide power and implement elevator speed control. The elevator drag system is composed of a traction motor, a power supply system, a speed feedback device, and a motor speed regulating device. The drag system has good speed regulation performance and wide speed regulation range.

2. The control system of the elevator door machine system

The main function of the elevator control system is to manipulate and control the operation of the elevator. The elevator control system hardware consists of the car operating panel, hall door signal, PLC, frequency converter, and speed control system. The frequency converter only completes the speed control function, while the logic control part is completed by the PLC. The PLC is responsible for processing the logical relationship of various signals, so as to send start and stop signals to the inverter. At the same time, the inverter also transmits its own working status to the PLC to form a two-way communication relationship.

The system is also equipped with a rotary encoder and a PG card that are coaxially connected with the motor to complete speed detection and feedback, forming a speed closed loop and a position closed loop. In addition, the system must also be equipped with a braking resistor. When the elevator is decelerating, the motor is in a state of regenerative power generation, and it feeds back electrical energy to the frequency converter to suppress the increase in DC voltage.

3. Traction machine system of elevator door machine system

The elevator traction machine is the power equipment of the elevator, also known as the elevator host. The function is to transport and transfer power to make the elevator run. It is composed of electric motor, brake, coupling, reduction box, traction wheel, frame and guide wheel, and accessory disc car hand wheel. The guide wheels are generally installed on the frame or the load-bearing beam under the frame. Some of the barring hand wheels are fixed on the motor shaft, and some are usually hung on the nearby wall, and then set on the motor shaft during use. The traction wire rope is connected to the car through one end of the traction sheave, and one end is connected to the counterweight device.

In order to make the car and counterweight in the hoistway run along the guide rail in the hoistway without rubbing against each other, a guide wheel is placed on the traction machine to separate the two. The gravity of the car and the counterweight causes the traction wire rope to be compressed in the traction sheave groove to generate friction. In this way, the rotation of the motor drives the rotation of the traction sheave, drives the wire rope, and drags the car and the counterweight for relative movement. That is, when the car rises, the counterweight drops; when the counterweight rises, the car drops. Then, the car reciprocates up and down along the guide rail in the hoistway, and the elevator performs the vertical transportation task.

Among them, the elevator door machine system of the car has the highest operating frequency in the entire elevator system, mainly including two aspects of the elevator driving system and the elevator control system, and its operation characteristics will directly affect the performance of the elevator. The design and development of the two systems of elevator drag and elevator control are directly related to the performance of the elevator system, and it is the key link for the normal, safe and efficient operation of the elevator system.

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