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Under What Circumstances Does the Elevator Door System Need to Be Modified?

In our previous work, we have noticed that many customers are not clear about the circumstances under which the elevator door system needs to be renovated. Not only did they spend more money, but also took time. Then we will combine the projects we encountered and share our experience with you. Generally speaking, if you encounter the following 5 types of situations, you can consider reforming the elevator door system.

1. The performance of the elevator door system is reduced

If the elevator door system is used for longer than its design life, components such as pulleys, wire ropes, guide shoes, bearings, etc. will be severely worn. If the same spare parts are not found to be replaced, the elevator failure rate will increase sharply. If you encounter an old swing arm mechanical door machine, it will be even more difficult. Its components need to be re-customized and processed, which has become an almost impossible task. Therefore, you can consider updating it when encountering such situations.

2. The elevator door system does not match the control system

If after updating the elevator control system, the old elevator door system cannot be matched with the new control cabinet (for example, the new control cabinet does not provide a separate 380V power output, and the old elevator door system will not work) also need to be updated. The new elevator door system usually adopts frequency conversion control, which can perfectly match the new control cabinet, which is more energy-efficient and provides a door opening and closing curve suitable for everyone's habits.

3. The elevator door system must meet the new standards

In order to ensure the safety of taking elevators, the country's requirements for elevator standards are gradually increasing. When the elevator is undergoing overall renovation, the elevator door system must also meet the corresponding latest standard requirements, such as: the car door must have an anti-scraping door device, and the hall door must meet the strength test requirements. Therefore, the elevator door system had to be modified and updated.

4. Changes in elevator door types

There are also some customers who are not satisfied with the original door type, or the use of the building has changed, thus adjusting the door type. Such as changing the door opening method (central opening to side opening) and size, adding landings, or changing non-fire doors to fire doors.

5. Aesthetic requirements of elevator door system

There are also some customers who have harsh requirements for aesthetics. They hope that the style of the elevator door system should be consistent with the interior style of the building, so as to update the elevator door system. This type of update mainly involves the type of door panel or decorative surface, which is usually easier to achieve.

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