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What are the Key Points for Home Elevator Installation?

The home elevator, as a kind of large-scale precision furniture for household use, asks for high requirements on its installation environment and the installation quality determines its operating conditions and service life. So, the owner must guarantee the installation requirements of the elevator before it is installed.

1. Vertically holing-through liftway of the home elevator: No matter what position the home elevator is installed in, a vertically penetrated space is needed, which needs to be especially noticed when cutting floor slabs to install a home elevator. In many cases, communication between the owner and the construction team is not so good that it appears easily: There is the same size of the cutting holes on every floor, but they are not holing-through in the vertical direction, which leads to a failure of the installation and a second-time construction is necessary, thus, there is a waste of both time and manpower.

2. Reserve enough height for the pit and the top: The pit are generally reserved before the installation of the elevator. The installation of small-sized screw-type home elevator can be realized without a pit, or it requires a pit with a maximum depth of 50mm. So, it can be traditionally installed in a villa or a high-rise duplex building, in the circumstances of which deep pits are not needed and the installation is easy and flexible to complete. And on account of the safety concerns or due to the specific structure of the elevator, enough space should be left in advance of the installation for the top part as well.

3. Determine the location of the power supply and the arrangement of wires: The power supply location of home elevators varies differently with the different structures of them. The installation position of the power supply differs from one another for small home elevators: some need to be reserved at the top position, others need to be reserved on the 2nd floor or at the bottom part. If the standard speed is chosen, the power supply of 220V single-phase three-wire power is required, and once the optional speed is preferred, the power supply of 380V three-phase five-wire power is necessary.

4. Completion of the home hard decoration: If the elevator is installed before the house is decorated, a large amount of dust generated during the decoration process will enter the elevator, causing it difficult to be cleaned up. And more importantly, fine dust will enter inside the elevator, which will affect the normal operation of the elevator and will greatly shorten the service life of the elevator. Therefore, the installation of small-sized home elevators must be carried out after the home decoration is finished.

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