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What Should Be Paid Attention to When Installing Elevator Landing Doors?

It is believed that people who often take elevators should know that each floor of the elevator has a corresponding elevator landing door. We should also upkeep the elevator landing door when using the elevator to keep the landing door in good condition. Now Faweilai will briefly talk about the requirements for the installation and use of elevator landing door.

1. A non-perforated elevator landing door should be provided at the entrance of the elevator car. The elevator is mainly composed of a traction machine (winch), guide rail, counterweight, safety device (such as speed limiter, safety gear, and buffer), signal control system, car and hall door. Elevator maintenance focuses on safety and reliability, high conveying efficiency, accurate leveling, and comfortable ride. The basic parameters of the elevator mainly include the rated load, the number of passengers, the rated speed, the car outline size and the shaft type. 

Elevator control cabinet door system: the main function of the door system is to seal the landing entrance and the car entrance. The door system consists of the car door, landing door, door opener and door lock device. After the elevator landing door is closed, the gap between the door leaves, the door leaf and the column, lintel or sill should be small, and it is recommended that it be no more than 6mm. With wear during use, these gaps will become larger, but the gap should not be greater than 10mm.

2. The elevator landing door and its frame should not be deformed under normal opening and closing. When the door is locked, a force of 300N applies to the proper position of the door leaf vertically, and the force is evenly distributed on a circular or square area of 5cm2. The door leaf should have no deformation, or its elastic deformation should not be greater than 15mm. The door can still work after testing.

3. Each elevator landing door should offer electrical and mechanical safety interlocking devices. If a landing door is open, the elevator should not be able to start or stop running. When the elevator work, the landing door will not be opened unless the car is in the unlocking area. The unlocking area should not exceed 75mm above and below the level of the landing. The locking element of the elevator landing door lock should be engaged 5mm and above. It is recommended to install an emergency unlocking device that can automatically reset the landing door of the terminal.

4. Guide devices should be installed on the top and bottom of the horizontal sliding landing door and both sides of the vertical sliding landing door, so that the landing door does not derail, jam or displace when running the terminal during its normal movement. The door leaf of the vertical sliding landing door shall be fixed on two independent suspension parts.

5. Each elevator landing door entrance should be equipped with a sill. The horizontal distance between the elevator landing door sill and the car door sill should not be greater than 25mm.

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