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What to Do If the Elevator Enters Water?

Three major situations of water entering the elevator:

1. The rainstorm weather causes the underground garage (basement) to accumulate water, which then flows back into the elevator shaft.

2. When the fire sprinkler system of high-rise buildings is activated, the residents' water pipes are broken (the residents forget to turn off the water), and the windows of the public corridors are flooded with rain, the stagnant water will overflow the hall door ridges and enter the shaft.

3. The waterproof system of the elevator pit has not been properly handled, and water seepage occurs.

What are the hazards of water accumulation in the elevator pit?

1. The danger of leakage

A safety loop circuit and a 220V inspection circuit are installed in the elevator pit. When the pit is wet, it is easy to leak electricity, which will not only trigger an electric shock to elevator maintenance personnel but also due to the elevator is an integral metal structure, the current will be directly transmitted to the car, causing electric shock to the passenger.

2. the abnormal running of the elevator

After the pit accumulates water, the excessive humidity in the elevator shaft will affect the elevator door lock device, and the aging of the elevator pit safety circuit will cause the elevator to fail to judge the safe operating conditions normally, which may lead to the malfunction of the elevator door system and bring risks to passengers.

3. failure of basic safety mechanism

The accumulation of water in the elevator pit will contribute to the overspeed governor tension wheel located in the elevator pit rust or slip. The compensation chain at the bottom of the elevator car will bring the water to the elevator track, hall door, car roof, and wire rope during high-speed movement. Once the wire rope slips, the speed limiter is the last safety measure, because the speed limiter is tensioned. If the wheels cannot work normally, the speed limiter cannot be started, which will directly give rise to the fall of the ladder.

4. the impact on the service life and comfort of the elevator

In the pit with long-term accumulation of water, excessive humidity will bring serious corrosion of the main metal structure of the elevator, and the corrosion of the metal contacts will fail. The elevator is prone to generate abnormal noise, jams, and excessive friction, which shorts the service life of elevator components and the entire elevator.

What should people do if the water enters the elevator?

The safe measurements of the elevator during the flood season:

1. To ensure the normal operation of the elevator during the flood season, the most vital thing is to make sure the normal operation of the drainage system of the building and prevent rainwater from entering the shaft through the basement.

2. The escalators installed at the entrances and exits of buildings should be protected against rain. Outdoor escalators should be checked to see if the drainage facilities are complete and effective. Indoor escalators should prevent water from passengers' shoes and umbrellas from flowing into the equipment.

3. Once water is found, the power will be cut off immediately to avoid greater losses.

Electricity leakage is prone to occur in humid weather. Efforts should be made to intensify inspection efforts, focusing on the aging and overheating of electrical circuits and electrical components.

4. Due to the imperfect management system and imperfect drainage system of the building under construction, water can easily enter the elevator shaft. Once this happens, we must thoroughly handle the hidden dangers.

5. For buildings under construction, it is best to park the elevator on the top floor when the elevator is not in use. The property management company of the residential quarters should be equipped with dedicated elevator management personnel. Once water is found in the shaft, the power supply should be cut off in time to prevent leakage or failure, and then the elevator should be fully inspected to eliminate the failure and safety hazards before putting it into use.

6. Elevators are electrical equipment and are greatly affected by water and air humidity. Although the water has receded after the rainstorm, there is still water in the elevator shaft, which may also result in malfunctions and suspension of elevators. At this time, the water needs to be drained and dried for some time. After the shaft is dry, the maintenance personnel can perform equipment maintenance and debugging. After the test operation confirms the safety of the equipment, people can use it with confidence.

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