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Why is Home Elevator Maintenance Important?

Home elevators need regular maintenance. Many people don't pay much attention to it. So why is home elevator maintenance important? Next, Faweilai will introduce the importance of home elevator maintenance. Let's follow this article to learn about elevator maintenance.

1. The importance of home elevator maintenance

If you have time, you might as well compare the elevators of the same brand and model to see how different maintenance will affect the service life. You will know how important maintenance is.

Elevator maintenance is like a "physical examination" of the human body. After maintenance, take advantage of minor problems that have not yet formed major problems, and deal with them in time. A professional emphatically said that only if the maintenance is done well, the elevator dares to live a long life. Whether maintenance is in place and how important it is to the health of the elevator, through this comparison, the answer is self-evident. "The same brand has the same additional occupants and additional load capacity. They were all installed in the mid-1990s. But in comparison, the hotel elevator has a lot less frequency of failures." Professionals said, maintenance operations will effectively reduce the frequency of elevator failures and ensure the safety of passengers.

2. What are the maintenance of home elevators?

Regular inspection, home elevators and lifts do not require mandatory acceptance, but the time interval for comprehensive inspection of home elevators should not exceed 12 months, especially regarding the effectiveness of the following items;

Lift door locking device (for hand-drawn doors); electrical safety devices; grounding continuity; support and suspension systems; drive devices and brakes; devices to prevent free fall and overspeed descent, such as: speed limiter and safety gear; alarm system; door Protective devices (such as: safety touch panel and light curtain). Inspection of the inner surface of the hoistway (such as distance, surface and sharp edges); guide rails and guide shoes; lighting and emergency lighting.

The above is the relevant content of the important reasons for the maintenance of home elevators for everyone. When buying and using home elevators, you must pay attention to choosing a brand with maintenance.

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