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Working Principle of Elevator Spare Parts: Bufers

Nowadays, elevators can be seen everywhere. It can even be said that elevators are ubiquitous. Elevators are convenient for going up and down. Besides, elevators are much needed for today's increasingly higher buildings. In fact, the structure of the elevator is very complicated. If you want to better ensure safety when using the elevator, you need to learn about the elevator spare parts.

Among elevator spare parts, buffers are important. Now let me introduce their working principle.

1. The protective function of elevator spare parts: buffers

Buffers are the last protection of the elevator, installed in the pit of the elevator shaft, directly below the car and the counterweight. When other safety devices of the elevator fail to stop the uncontrolled car, the car or the counterweight hits the buffer, and the buffer absorbs or consumes energy. By this way, the car or the counterweight is safely decelerated until stops, so as to avoid the car or the counterweight from squatting or punching directly, protecting the safety of passengers and equipment. See more detail information about lift door locking device.

2. Elevator spare parts: energy storage buffers

When the energy storage buffer is impacted by the car or the counterweight device, it relies on the deformation of the spring to absorb the kinetic energy of the car or the counterweight device. When the elevator moves to the lower part of the shaft, due to various reasons like the broken steel rope or overloading, the elevator continues to fall beyond the ground floor, but its speed does not meet the speed control requirement and the lower limit switch does not work either. In such case, the car buffer installed in the pit can slow down the car's impact on the pit. When the car is beyond the highest stop and continues to move up, the counterweight buffer installed in the pit can slow down the impact on the pit in case of the failure of the upper limit switch.

3. Elevator spare parts: energy-consuming buffers

When the car or the counterweight falls out of control and hits the rubber cushion of the energy-consuming buffer, the plunger moves down under the impact force so that the buffer oil in the cylinder is compressed and flows quickly to the inner part of the plunger through the orifice. Due to the sudden reduction of the area of the orifice, the vortex is formed when the buffer oil flows through the orifice. Check more on lift car door locking device. The buffer oil generates a large amount of heat during the compression, which converts the impact force into heat and dissipates it, thus consuming the energy applied by the car or the counterweight device and stopping them. When the lift car or counterweight leaves the buffer, the plunger can rise and reset due to the action of the return spring, and the buffer oil flows back into the cylinder again.

Since the buffering process of the energy-consuming buffer is continuous and stable without rebounding, it can be used in low-speed elevators as well as fast and high-speed elevators.

After learning about the working principle of the elevator spare parts-buffer, I believe that everyone has a better understanding of the safe operation of the elevator. Everyone knows that every elevator spare part is very important for the safe operation of the elevator. If you have any more questions, please feel free to consult us.

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